A Karachiite Who Tortured a Transgender Group is Released from Jail and Threatens the Community


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The rights of minorities are mostly ignored in the practice of law in Pakistan. We have often heard stories and cry for help by the transgender community who are ignored when it comes to getting their due rights. The neglection at times increase so much, they come on social media to gain attention.

The issue is that the majority in Pakistan despises the transgender community. Much can be seen how the locals treat the members of the transgender community who work to make their ends meet.

Similar to this happened in Karachi, where an individual named Sheera was arrested for abusing a transgender, but then later he was released. Sheera has been accused of conducting violence on the transgenders in Karachi. He was arrested for his actions but was later released from jail on bail.

After his bail, he openly threatened the transgenders in Karachi, using profanity to scare them. In the video shared online, he gave his information as well, showing he is not scared of anyone.

Here’s the Link to the Video

It was Shared Later by a Member of Karachi Transgender Community, Sarah Azhaan that the Authorities are Taking Action Against the Accused Individual

It is appalling to see how individuals who think they hold the power of ruining someone roams freely in Pakistan. Safe to say, if the authorities have taken actions, this sets an example for those who think they can run away with anything.

Keep in mind, the transgenders are not only minorities but also humans who deserve equal chance to spend their lives without any fear.

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