Man Arrested From Gujranwala For Forcefully Recording ‘Nazeba’ Videos Of His Wife


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«Frailty Thy name is women» is the quote that is relevant to its core. In Pakistan, the growing abuse of media misuse is on its peak_ damaging the social status of many.

A recent case in Gujranwala depicts horrible details. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has apprehended a man who used to make the illicit video of his wife. The accused, Arsalan was accustomed to blackmail his wife Sania over adulterous pictures and videos.

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Moreover, Arslan, while living in Saudia Arabia made a relationship with Sania, a resident of Gujrat, on a social media website and later on got married to her. Their parents were unaware of their marriage. However, Sania told them about their marriage after she got heavily frustrated by the blackmailing.

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Women in Pakistan are being blackmailed over illicit materials on daily basis. The illicit material they share with their boyfriends, friends, or even with their betrothed husbands bring them on the verge of destruction. Many girls have been fallen a prey to this awful act.
It is the collective failure of society that brings our daughters, and sisters under the gloomy circumstances. We have horribly failed to educate our children about the misuse of smartphones and social media platforms. Children, deprived of basic ethical or sexual knowledge are vulnerable to be used by sinister elements.
Hence, it is pertinent to teach our loved ones about the misuse of smartphone and digital communication. There is a dire need of educating the masses. Our fourth pillar of the state, the media should highlight the advantages and disadvantages of digital communication. Furthermore, parents should guide their children frankly about the wrong use of social media platforms.
According to the Federal Investigation Agency, Arslan has taken a plethora of money from Sania and had badly tortured her. Sania owing to the continuous infliction of mental pain told everything to her parents. Thus, her parents, along with Sania, launched an FIR against Arsalan in the cyber crime wing of FIA.
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However, the culprit, Arslan has not yet admitted to the allegations against him despite being caught with the illicit material. After catching the offender, FIA has further started off the investigation.

Source: Fia cyber crime
Ever since its inception, the cyber crime wing has been doing a tremendous job and has caught many blackmailers. In October FIA arrested a man from Rawalpindi who was involved in harassing and blackmailing. similarly, in January FIA arrested a man involved in child pornography from district Jhang Punjab.
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