Malaysian PM Brought A Precious Gift For PM Imran Khan On His Visit To Pakistan And We Weren't Expecting This

Malaysian PM Brought A Precious Gift For PM Imran Khan On His Visit To Pakistan And We Weren’t Expecting This!


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Pakistan is known for its hospitality! Everyone who comes to visit the country leaves it with a full heart of respect for its local people. Pakistan is a generous nation, be it in the matter of respect, love, care, and affection, we do not get to stop our hand from giving. There are many travelers, who have written in their books and blogs, how their perspective was changed when they came to the country everyone stopped them from.

Recently, Pakistan has hosted quite many people, the ones who we never thought would come here. Like, the crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman. He not only visited the country but upon the sweet of PM Imran Khan, he decided to release all the Pakistani prisoners. Muhammad Bin also said that if needed, he will be the ambassador of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia!

Imran Khan tried his best to give respected treatment to the crown prince!


Looks like the PM is on a mission to strengthen the ties with all the allies. Like, Saudi Arabia, China, Malaysia, Turkey. In a recent statement, Imran Khan said that Erdogan and Mahathir Muhammad stand out among all the Muslim leaders. While India and Pakistan

And now, we are hosting PM of Malaysia. Mahathir Muhammad is actually quite fascinated by Imran Khan’s leadership and complimented and congratulated him upon the good progress of the country.

But the most important of his this visit is when he brought a very thoughtful gift for Imran Khan. Muhammad Mahathir brought him a book which he wrote himself.

He said to Imran Khan that it will help him on his mission of evolving the country.


He also said that, Pakistan and Malaysia has pretty similar issues and that he can relate the core problems. Muhammad Mahathir will stay in Pakistan and is requested to be the special guest for Pakistan’s day.

It is very special to be available on a country’s big day, it shows that how much Malaysia is willing to support Pakistan.

This is indeed a very thoughtful gift!

Pakistan is sure looking forward to hosting more and more countries like Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Let the countries share their culture and the free flow of trade, and let each other benefit from it.

Malaysian PM praised Imran Khan on the international platform as well! What better progress could be done in the span of just one year?! If the work of success stays the same, Pakistan sure will see good days. In each sector progress has been made, be it education, health, infrastructure he has revamped everything.

What do you guys think of this? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers. 😉

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