Kulsoom Nawaz Has Fallen Sick And Now Everyone Is Praying For Her Recovery


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According to various news sources, Kulsoom Nawaz has been diagnosed with throat cancer. The news came just today after she visited a clinic in central London for a check up. The doctor, however, has stated that the cancer is only at an initial stage and there is a high chance that it can be cured.

Kulsoom Nawaz has recently received limelight after she was planned to stand for by-elections at the NA-120 constitution in Lahore, alongside PTI’s Yasmin Rashid. However, even the former first lady of Pakistan could not stay away from dirty politics as rumours started to surface about her Iqama being present as well. Some news reporters even showed a copy of her Iqama. It should be noted that the presence of Iqama was one of the most discussed reasons that the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was disqualified from the National Assembly. Hence, Kulsoom Nawaz’s Iqama was gradually gaining momentum. Now it seems, politics has been paused for a while as it is being reported that she has been diagnosed with an initial stage of throat cancer.

News has struck the social media also and people have put aside their bitter views regarding Kulsoom Nawaz, only to wish her a healthy life and a long future. Cancer is one of the deadliest ailments in the country and among the top deaths in the world are from cancer. The scourge has been seen to be on a rise in Pakistan as more and more people stray away from a healthy lifestyle.

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It May Or May Not Be True, Our Job Is To Pray For Her Health Rather Than To Discuss The Timing

Although some groups of people are discussing the timing of this cancer, they should not be blamed for this. Pakistan’s politics has seen too many dirty moves in order to win the top seat as the leader of Pakistan. Just a few years back, Asif Zardari and his PPP won the general elections because Benazir Bhutto was murdered just before the elections. However, we must all pray for the well-being of Kulsoom Nawaz, that being the correct thing to do as general public.


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