Shahid Khaqan Reveals Details Of His Visit To His Dentist, President Dr. Arif Alvi, 20 Years Ago And It’s Hilarious

Shahid Khaqan Reveals Details Of His Visit To His Dentist, President Dr. Arif Alvi, 20 Years Ago And It’s Hilarious!


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Pakistan is having its sweet time of progress, it has «almost» been a year after the new elect PM Imran Khan took charge over. When he became the PM, he came with a plan and did not go in his dungeon to enjoy his luxuries as the PM of Pakistan. In a recent survey conducted nationally, 57% of Pakistan’s population believes that Imran Khan is doing a good job.

No wonder why people are impressed with him, it’s really not a surprise. Every the world wakes up to hear him working for the people. He’s not working only for the giant businesses but also for the people who do not have a solid shelter over their heads and voted for him.

Well, all the progress that’s been done in the country is because he chose the right people for the right department.

But we have some people from the previous government too who are praising the President! Khaqan Abbasi told what happened when he went to a dentist 20 years ago!


And you know who his dentist was! HAHA. 😀 The one with the biggest smile Mr. Arif Alvi the president. Which now is in the opposition!

Hope that the checkup went well. Ouch!


So, just yesterday Khaqan Abbasi’s son posted a snippet of his father’s interview, where the ex-acting PM was telling about his encounter with Arif Alvi as a dentist. AND IT’S HILARIOUS!

Khaqan Abbasi’s wit won the interview!

So, when asked he has good relations with Arif Alvi, to which he replied that the Mr. President has been his dentist and he gave Khaqan very good advice back then. Khaqan told that he broke one of his teeth, and visited one of the finest dentists of Pakistan (Arif Alvi) he suggested Khaqan that if he’s not having any problem regarding the broken teeth, he better leave that alone and not get it fixed. Because to get it fixed, Khaqan would have to lose two more teeth. So, he said that it’s the best advice he ever gave me, and it’s been 20 years I haven’t faced any problem.


Yes! How he said that «Pehly mein unhy dant dikhata tha ab wo humy dekhaty hain»

Sense of humor k full marks hain!

And Khaqan’s son told his motive to post this video and it’s just amazing! A good dentist would always be praised! Long live president. Hehe!

As people say that Arif Alvi was the best dentist in Pakistan and now is on his way to becoming the best President EVER!

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