Indian Navy Sunk Their Own Submarine Worth $3 Billion And LOL, They Have Become A Joke!


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When it comes to making blunders, India has definitely aced it on a national level. The recent conflict between Pakistan and India was about to initiate a war between the two countries. The situation made a joke out of India as its weapons were declared limited and outdated. An Indian submarine was also spotted in Karachi waters some time back and got a befitting response from the Pakistan Navy. Later, the nuclear neighbor took charge of entertaining the world by its brainless tactics. Downing their own jets and wasting expensive material on balloons thinking it as a Pakistani drone, India has done it all.

From the past, recently a piece of news resurfaced the internet that India’s very first INS Arihant submarine was in sinking waters because someone forgot to close the rear hatch. The INS Arihant is said to be the leader of India’s Arihant class of nuclear-missile submarines. Almost 3 billion dollars were put on stake by the negligent Indian Navy and the world is having a good laugh.

The INS Arihant was out of commission for nearly a year after the incident took place. Besides other repair work, water that had entered the submarine was pumped out and the pipes were cut and replaced. It was later analyzed by the Indian authorities that the seawater is likely to weaken the pipes and that they should not be exposed to it. The incident was first reported by a renowned Indian Daily Newspaper, since then it has reached many leading media forums of the world.

Here’s the launch ceremony of the sunken sub:

As the news broke into the media, people took to Twitter to share their opinions on the matter. Many famous personalities from both sides joined and expressed their wittiness too.

Pakistan’s favorite Amreekan Jeremy McLellan also tweeted about it:

Pakistanis are trolling India again with hearts wide open. Here’s to the replies made.

Abhinandan knows better, I guess!

That’s how they think it’s done!

The man knows what he’s talking about!

Problem solved!

Pakistanis are calling this year ‘worst’ for India as the nuclear neighbor has incurred huge loss till now. During the Pak-India conflict, many publications were issued against India and how ‘Modi Sarkar’ is manipulating the nation with false claims. Indians are now wondering whether they should re-elect Modi or opt for a stable future of the country.

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