PM Imran Khan Did A Video Call With An Old Lady To Solve Her Problems And He Deserves All Our Respect

PM Imran Khan Did A ‘Video Call’ With An Old Lady To Solve Her Problems And He Deserves All Our Respect!


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In a recent survey by the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Center for Insights in Survey Research, 57% of Pakistanis believe that Imran Khan is doing a good job as PM. Imran Khan as the 22nd PM of Pakistan has proved to win the hearts of many. People praise him for his work and not only has he worked for the betterment of economy, international relations but also for peacemaking and social causes.

In the last decade, Pakistan saw its darkest times, the major downfall of everything could be seen. No country was willing to invest, neither any tourists were willing to come to see the beauty of this land. But times changed, Imran Khan became the PM because the nation learned its lesson the hard way. Everyone was adamant to give Khan a chance and looks like he’s utilizing this chance for the best of people.

In a very short span of time, he proved that he’s not just a good orator which the world praises, or a good captain but a true devoted leader too!


Every day, the world wakes to see him doing better and better. There was a time when Pakistan wished to have a PM like Justin Trudeau, but now the world wants a PM like Imran Khan – someone who believes in versatility, loves minority as much as the majority, respects women and the dedicated people of the country. It won’t be a surprise if, on his one call, the whole nation would stand together irrespective of caste, religion, ethnicity. He has earned each bit of respect from his people!

So, in hope, this elderly woman called out to Imran Khan for help. The help she deserves, no matter how hard time she is having but the respect she has for him says how everyone is sure that he’ll fix everything.

A guy shared a video on Twitter of this lady, asking PM for help. People shared it in hopes that it might reach to IK.

And it did! It reached Imran Khan and he even video called the lady and made sure that every demand of hers is fulfilled.

Yes, we are proud and happy that this election, the nation chose the right leader for its people!

Every single day, he does something to make people realize what Pakistan would have been if we elected him long ago.

This video is not just for Imran Khan, but for the people who are privileged enough to provide for people who less fortunate. Help, as much as you can. There are women out there like her, there are children who sleep hungry every night.

The privileged are bestowed so they can give to the ones who aren’t!

If we take a moment out to think about how fortunate we are born to have everything and yet we take it all for granted. Ask from the people who do not even have a solid brick shelter for them. Let’s be a little helping to others in need and make someone’s life easy. Cheers!

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