Pakistanis Are Urging PM Imran Khan To Respond To Indian Air Strike But Wait, Sabar Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai -

Pakistanis Are Urging PM Imran Khan To Respond To Indian Air Strike But Wait, Sabar Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai!


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India conducted airstrikes in the Pakistan-controlled side of Kashmir on Tuesday, this occurred in the retaliation of Pulwama incident. India believes that Pakistan is the mastermind behind the Kashmir episode without any solid evidence against the country.

This is what Asif Ghafoor tweeted after the incident occurred.

PM Imran Khan hasn’t commented on this yet and the masses are eagerly waiting for his statement on the recent events.

People took Twitter to express their emotions and requested Imran Khan to take an action against the Indians. Here’s what some people had to say.

This user is eagerly waiting for Imran Khan to retaliate!

This user said that he’s waiting for Imran Khan’s speech.

This user wrote, «Where is our Defence Minister Perwaiz Khattak? Why he is completely silent on this current situation? Why Imran Khan has still not issued any statement? #Balakot #PakistanArmy.

One of the users asked if there will be any action taken against the Indians and now is the time for Imran Khan to show his commitment.

Gharida Farooqi tweeted «Reports coming in, Govt has decided to summon a joint session of Parliament tomorrow. NO! NOT tomorrow. Call it TODAY! This is India which has violated LoC. NO TIME TO WASTE! Session MUST be called TODAY even late night if it has to!»

Ties between Pakistan and India have been tense since the Pulwama incident occurred in occupied Kashmir. New Delhi has blamed Pakistan of being complicit in the act — a charge Islamabad has denied vehemently and from the get-go.

Currently, we’re waiting for Imran Khan to respond and act according to the situation that was caused by the Indian air strike. From the celebs to local citizens – each Pakistani is eagerly looking forward to some update and response from the Prime Minister.

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