Imaan Mazari Just Took A Harsh Dig At ‘Legend’ Shahid Afridi And Pakistanis Are Super Pissed At Her!


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In Pakistan, it won’t be wrong to say that the majority of the people can agree to the fact that Shahid Afridi is one of the biggest superstars in cricket that Pakistan has ever produced. Some may question his cricketing techniques and a child-like-brain and criticize his not so impressive average in one-day international cricket, but when it comes to being a legend and a match winner, there will hardly be any disagreements. But Imaan Hazir Mazari proved us wrong where she refused to call Shahid Afridi a legend.

This was in reply to Imran Ismail’s picture that he posted with Afridi.

Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail tweeted a picture of himself sitting with one of the all-time greats of squash, Jahangir Khan and our cricket superstar Shahid Afridi. The picture was captioned «With legends».

Seeing this, Imaan Mazari quoted Imran Ismail’s tweet and said that Shahid Afridi is NOT a legend. Pretty brave of you young lady seeing how vicious twitter can be especially if you say something against someone who has a such a huge fan following.

«Shahid Afridi isn’t a legend. He’s an open & proud misogynist, who didn’t have the decency to say one kind word abt our women’s cricket team » Imaan here called Afridi a misogynist and said that he is anything but a legend. She also referred to an interview where Lala was questioned about women’s cricket and he said that Pakistani women make great food.

Seeing this video it might seem that Shahid Afridi’s comments are downright sexist and misogynistic but in reply to this Shahid Afridi claimed that this clip has been taken out of context and he is a great supporter of women’s cricket. He further said that if you ask women cricketers, they will tell you how hard I have tried to get sponsors for them.

But Twitter is brutal.

Imaan was asked to respect others’ opinions if she wants hers respected.

Whereas you can disagree with his thoughts and ideology, no one can disagree that he is a legend. Do you think Shahid Afridi is a legend? Let us know in the comments.

Well this is not untrue.

So maybe judging Afridi’s class by one remark about women which turned out to be sexist and misogynistic is a bit unfair.

He definitely has done a lot for Pakistan and its cricket including women. Afridi has clarified the statement about it and said that he supports women’s cricket. We should give respect to our legends even if we don’t agree with their beliefs.


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