IAF Takes Down A Pakistani ‘Birthday’ Balloon With A Missile Worth Rs. 2 Crores And We’re Laughing Out Loud

IAF Takes Down A Pakistani ‘Birthday’ Balloon With A Missile Worth Rs. 2 Crores And We’re Laughing Out Loud!


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Indians are known for being a little over dramatic and taking the slightest things to a whole another level! Like, calm down! Whether it’s their saas-bahu drama serials or a war with Pakistan, Indians just tend to make EVERYTHING a big deal.

Moving on, recently a balloon that said Happy Birthday was flying at a height of about 25,000 feet in Jaisalmer district and ended up picking up their force radar and Indian force launched 1,000 fighter jets on it! On balloon you guys!

Although, that’s not even the best part, when that missed (lol) they launched a fifty million dollar missile at it! Dramatic much?

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“Due to a heightened security alert,’ the balloon was taken down as it would have been carrying an unknown payload. However, on analysis of the debris, it was established that there was nothing dangerous found in it.” The Indian Air Force said in a statement.

Moreover, the Indians also stated that the balloon could’ve been from Pakistan forces to check in the response time of Indian forces. We’re here trying to make peace with you guys! Why would we even do that?

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So, after the entire dramatic incident, Twitter begin to roast India for their prompt response and clever thinking!

Major Adnan Sami to the rescue!

So much for a million dollars…

Guess so!

LMAO at the last bit!

Pakistanis have a way of expressing their rage

Also, check this out!

However, on the other hand, the Indian forces just acted the way they did because their duties required them to do so. If the roles were reversed, probably we would’ve done the same to protect our country considering the current situation between Pakistan and India.

Anyway, the tiny birthday balloon caused a lot of havoc and not only that India lost a million dollars, but they also became a laughing stock amongst the masses! It’s just sad, but funny, but kinda sad too!

Let us know what do you think about all of this and if there’s something you’d like to add to this story!

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