On Shah-re-Faisal, Gunmen Attack At Karachi Police Chief Office


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Gunmen attack at Karachi police chief, main Shah-re-Faisal office and an operation is taking place right now, according to officials.

Gunmen Attack At Karachi Police Chief Office

Gunmen Attack At Karachi Police Chief Office

At 7:15pm, there were reports of gunfire on Shah-re-Faisal, which is Karachi’s main road and has a number of strategic installations, including the Pakistan Airforce’s Faisal Base.

So far, three of the building’s five floors have been cleared, said Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. He also said that two floors and the roof remained. He said it was too soon to know for sure how many people had died because reports were still coming in.

Murtaza Shah Statement Over Attack

Shah told Geo News that the attack happened around 7:10 p.m. He said that he had heard that two terrorists had already been killed, but that he couldn’t confirm that at this time.

He said that the provincial government had asked the army for help and that the head of the city police was not in Karachi at the moment. He said, «We are working with the federal government.» «The most important thing is to get it under control.»

Murtaza Wahab, a spokesman for the Sindh government, said again that three floors have been cleared. “Army snipers are also present to deal with the terrorists at the rooftop,”  he said.

A spokesperson for the Sindh Rangers said that based on what they know so far, there are probably between eight and ten «armed terrorists.» In a separate statement, the spokesperson said that the operation is being led by a brigadier from the counter-terrorism force and that Rangers are working to clear the fourth floor.

 This image shows where the attack took place.

The Saddar police station, which is next to the office of the police chief, also said it had been attacked in a statement. «SHO, PI Khalid Hussain Memon told me that unknown suspects attacked the Saddar police station near the Karachi Police Office. «People are being fired everywhere,» said the statement.

Rangers and extra police forces have been sent to the site of the attack.

Irfan Baloch, the South DIG, told DawnNewsTV that there was «spectacular» shooting going on, but that the situation would be brought under control. He wouldn’t say how many people were hurt, though, saying that officials would have to check the area to know for sure.

He said that the whole city’s police force, as well as the Rangers and the Quick Response Force, had been sent to the scene (QRF). He also said that the people who attacked had thrown hand grenades. He said the attackers were «well-equipped» and putting up a «tough fight.»

A spokesperson for the Rangers said that the QRF had arrived at the scene and blocked off the area. A spokesperson said, «Rangers and police have started an operation against the terrorists.»

In the Pakistan Super League, cricket players from other countries are competing, and Karachi is one of the host cities. On Saturday, there will be a game (tomorrow).

TTP Takes Responsibility

In a statement, TTP’s spokesman Mohammad Khurasani said that the attack was done by TTP. In 2011, the TTP said they were behind an attack on PNS Mehran, one of Karachi’s naval bases with the most people.

Ten security officers were killed during the attack and operation, which took 17 hours to finish. During the attack and the operation that followed, two surveillance planes made in the US were also shot down.

Three years later, on the night of June 8, 2014, the TTP attacked Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport, killing 24 people and causing damage to property. The attack on this key installation had far-reaching effects on airport security and led to the start of operation Zarb-e-Azb on June 15, 2014.

The police chief’s office in Karachi was broken into after attacks in KP and areas near Afghanistan. Since talks with the outlawed TTP broke down in November of last year, the militant group has stepped up its attacks, and insurgents in Balochistan have also stepped up their violent actions and made it official that they are working with the TTP.

Rana Sanaullah, the Interior Minister, talked to Geo News about today’s attack. He said that the government thought the terrorists couldn’t get to places outside of KP and Balochistan. «But now we can see that they can get to other cities,» he said.

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