This Dulha Was Spotted Playing PUBG At His Own Wedding And Damn, We Really Feel Sorry For His Dulhan!


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For many people, their marriage ceremony is the most significant thing in the world. However, this statement does not go with everybody. Have you ever seen a guy playing a game (PUBG) at his wedding ceremony? If not, scroll down.

PUB G has become one of the most addictive games in the world. Across the world, adolescents, adults and even people in their 40’s are addicted to this game. In India, New Delhi, a groom was caught playing PUB G though his bride is sitting right beside him. The wife looks like as if she has committed a grave mistake by marrying the guy and the look on the bride’s face depicts melancholy and sheer disappointment.

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On the contrary, the groom has nothing to do with the girl and what’s going around him as he’s seen playing PUB G as if there is no tomorrow. Imagine during your marriage reception, where hundreds of people have come to congratulate you, and you are just found playing PUB G ignoring all of them. Sick, isn’t it?

Shockingly, the video is less than a minute and it is evident how the groom is reacting. In the video, a relative or friend of the couple came to congratulate them and the guy tried to give a gift pack to the groom, but sadly, he was ignored. Not only this, when the gift pack reached the screen of the mobile phone the guy angrily shoved it away.

Source: News Pdia

The guy took his PUB G addiction to a whole new level. His video surfaced all over the Internet, especially on TIK TOK. I mean, how in the world, can someone wear earphones while sitting at his reception along with his bride?! Indeed the game is getting more addictive than anything else in this world.

Source: quora

It is not the first incident that showcases Pub G’s addiction. In the past, a guy drank acid instead of water because of his sheer involvement in the game. Furthermore, hundreds of guys started taking psychological treatment after their loved ones noticed their ailing behaviour, due to the enslavement of PUB G.

In Pakistan, from university students to school guys and from office workers to daily wage labours, everyone seems to be getting addicted to the compelling addictive game. In India, Pub G got banned due to multifarious cases that have been reported on Indian media. Even some motivational speakers started making videos of «how to stop playing PUB G.

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