This Pakistani Police Officer Made A Tik-Tok Video That Cost Her Job And This Is Sort Of Unfair

This Pakistani Police Officer Made A Tik-Tok Video That Cost Her Job And This Is Sort Of Unfair!


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Talking all the weird trends on the internet, there are a lot of things happening. Like, it is hard for our parents to gulp down the fact that people make money by making videos while eating honeycomb or just cutting soap! There are many other weird trends on the internet, and such videos have tons of viewership, it is no surprise that people spend hours watching such videos under the category of «satisfying stuff»!

Sometimes, such stuff is way too far from satisfying people with OCD! Nicely organized stuff and mixing colors can be satisfying for anyone. But apart from these things, there’s another trend in Pakistan «Tiktok» name toh suna hoga! 😉

So many people got insane fame from making the tiktok videos and others got ahem ahem… fired! Remember that girl who danced on a song inside the shrine?! Also, she was wearing the police’s uniform! Yes! It was wrong on so many levels because of no respecting the place and dancing like you don’t care and making videos… not cool! The video went viral overnight, and the girl had to pay the price of it.

After that scene, here’s another female police officer who made a tiktok video and that too sitting in her office! WOW!

لیڈی پولیس کانسٹیبل کو دوران ڈیوٹی پر گانا گانا مہنگا پڑ گیا ایس ایس پی میرپورخاص عابد بلوچ نے نوٹس لیکر لیڈی کانسٹیبل کو معطل کرکے انکوائری مقرر کردیا

Posted by Fans and Supporters of the Police on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Too much of anything is harmful and is the «mohobbat»! OOUCHH! Being in a profession like this, one needs to be a little careful. Otherwise, everyone knows what would it entail. Losing the job or maybe termination for a little while, but it’s quite humiliating.

Though it is completely fine to make a video, nothing wrong in it but it depends where and how you are making it!

While this job itself is quite challenging and demands you to physically and mentally fit! There are so many women who proved every stereotype wrong and make Pakistan proud of their work!


To name a few Anoosh and Suhai Talpur are the women who proved it that women can make it big in police too! That women DO NOT belong to the kitchen and fighting against the wrong out in the open is what women are capable of too!

Suhai Talpur single handled tackled a situation which otherwise looked like a lost battle!


Talking of the fact that everyone has its own passion and social life, but keeping the two aside is what it makes a better citizen. Having said that, the said authorities might an action against the female police who made the tiktok video. But let’s hope that she doesn’t face any severe consequences.

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