Pictures Of Bilawal Bhutto And Hamid Mir With A ‘Lifafa’ In His Pocket Have Stirred A Huge Storm On Social Media!


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Recently, an image went viral on Social media where popular journalist and senior anchorperson, Hamid Mir could be seen greeting with the Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party, Bilawal Zardari…

This is the viral picture from the internet

Hamid Mir Story - Parhlo
Source: Facebook

‘Lifafa’, your first line of defense!

None might have shown a pettiest of concern over Mir hugging Bilawal had they not seen apparently, a swift transfer of Lifafa from one pocket to another… Not worth pointing the presenter and the receiver!

Though we are unsure about what was actually was inside that Lifafa or whether the image was photoshopped – but, it doesn’t devalue the debate over Lifafa Journalism. We all know that cohering to the sanctity of impartial journalism in Pakistan is similar to being a rebel and revolutionary in a system where corrupt practices have become its part and parcel.

Hamid Mir clarified his position by posting the real pictures

The TRP Conquest…

With the passage of time, the practice of honest, unbiased and true journalism is becoming obsolete worldwide and Pakistani is one of the severe of affectees of this…

The evolution of TV News in Pakistan witnessed an incredible boost when former President Pervez Musharraf issued the permit to the private news agencies of Pakistan. It was then when the rat-race of TRP and hired journalism gained ground…

All around the globe, normally we see the industry polarized between two factions-namely pro and anti-government or if we elaborate this in relation with the local scenario, we can say that in Pakistan, anything can happen.

The infamous art of ‘photoshop’

The doctrine of such tampering is to disseminate propaganda among the masses without offering any proof whatsoever; because you know, people believe what they see…. Especially when it spills from a recognized face… These conventional tactics do wonders without putting in any worthy effort…

Moreover, our journalists are well learned on toying with sentiments of the people and garner the needed following only by shedding few crocodile tears…

Who is to blame…?

Regulatory authorities play a vital role in curbing the disease of Yellow journalism. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is an independent and constitutionally established Federal institution responsible for regulating the journalistic practices. It is responsible for promoting and managing the establishment and operation of all private broadcast media channels.

The time is now!

It is high-time we empower PEMRA to fulfill its fundamental responsibility to operate impartially and launch across the board crackdown on the vogue nexus between political parties, politicians, their surrogates, corporate media, non-media corporate entities, and invisible powers…

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