This Police Inspector Was Jailed For Not Giving Up His Ancestral Land Which DHA Wants To Occupy!


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In recent news, the illegal property confiscation of a Sub Inspector caught everyone’s attention. Junaid Akram Cheema, a graduate of Government College, Lahore and currently serving the Gujranwala Police as a Sub Inspector (SI), owned an ancestral land of around 34 acres in size. The land was believed to be near the entrance of Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Project. The Cheema family was forced multiple times to sell their land to the DHA but they refused the offer every time.

Last night, DHA Gujranwala workers along with the higher authorities without any prior notice illegally started flattening Junaid’s property. Junaid’s quick response stopped them but the case was transferred to the Local Cantt Police Station where DHA was much favored by the police. As people from DHA had a strong background, Junaid was blackmailed by the police and was then locked up. No investigation was done against the land grabbers and they were free to go while the owner of the land had to bear in jail.

The machinery used on Junaid’s land!

Bilal Gondal/Facebook

The other one!

Bilal Gondal/Facebook

Junaid was later released but the attitude of the local police broke him internally. Later on, Junaid resigned from his post with a heavy heart.

Here’s the resignation letter that made ended Junaid’s services in the police!

Imran Khan Diraj/Facebook


The case was largely discussed on social platforms and people were angry on the illegitimate show of power by the DHA. The hashtag #JusticeForJunaid became a trend on twitter overnight and everyone’s now hoping that soon justice prevails for Junaid.

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Everyone’s demanding justice for Junaid!

DG ISPR was also asked to look into the matter!

Fellow police officers also appealed!

Much appreciated!

In this country where even a person in uniform is not safe, what else can civilians expect then? Justice should prevail soon!

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