7 Extremely Important Messages DGISPR Sent To India In His Presser That Prove Pakistan Is Ready For Anything!


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DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor, the head of army’s media wing held an hour-long presser on Monday 29th of April and covered several crucial points discussing issues that Pakistan is dealing in the present and has dealt with in recent past. He talked about Pakistan’s relations with India, Afghanistan, and Iran along with 30,000 madrassas that will be brought into the mainstream and told PTM (Pashtun Tahafuz Movement) to discourage their adopted manner to express their grievances.

Major General addressed India head on first and here are the messages he conveyed to India.

1. India Blamed Pulwana Incident On Us, I Clarified But They Paid No Heed

DG ISPR addressed the attendants and mentioned the 22nd February presser stating how he discussed India’s stand of Pakistan’s involvement in Pulwama incident which I clarified in detail how and why we had absolutely nothing to do with it in any condition asking India to pay serious attention to our Prime Minister’s dialogue based off of solid investigation and evidence.

2. Violation Of Pakistan’s Airspace, India’s Defeat And Beginning Of Their Lies

On the 26th of February, they violated our airspace to which we promptly responded, taking them by surprising them as a result. DG ISPR stated that he even sent a notice to India afterward and asked them to wait for our response. On the 27th of February, we gave them a great response which resulted in us downing two of their jets and taking hold of one of their pilots. It’s been two months since this incident and since two months India is doing nothing but spewing lies after lies.

3. Pakistan Not Responding To Lies, India’s Wrong Claims And Our Invitation To Foreign Media

Major Gen Ghafoor stated that Pakistan being a civilized and responsible country didn’t reply to India’s countless lies instead we made your ‘strike’ against us useless that made zero difference.. But India went ahead and started making wrong claims of the 300 lives in Balakot. According to the DG ISPR India went so far as to claim that they dropped their ‘patakhe’ through a circular opening after which they exploded. To this, he continued to tell the presser that we invited foreign media to visit those areas and see for themselves how true are India’s claims. He again extended the same invitation to India asking them to send one of their own media personnel if not satisfied.

4. India’s Excuses And Blatant Lies About Downing Our F16

Continuing with his speech slathered with nothing but strong facts and figures he mentioned how Pakistan’s airforce brought down two of your jets whose debris was witnessed by the entire world, but you out of our air force’s fear wrongfully landed your own MI 17 jet and later disappeared its black box. Upon questioning you gave the excuse that its content will be released after the elections.

Yet another lie came from India regarding them putting down one of our F16 but had nothing to back that claim. He stressed how today nothing can be concealed from the media when even a clash between a mere motorbike is reported immediately, how come an F16 couldn’t make it to the news.

5. A Witty Remark From The ISPR Followed By An Advice To India

He continued asking India that since their relationship with America is great and United States has counted our F16 jets mentioning in an article; why don’t you ask your friends to write another and lessen the count by one. India has asked Pakistan to change its attitude to which ISPR Ghafoor advised them to first evaluate their own.

6. We have Nuclear energy and capability as well

He addressed India and reminded them that nuclear power shouldn’t be mentioned lightly as it’s for deterrence. He signaled India to not test Pakistan’s resolve and when the time comes, with the support of 207 million Pakistanis we will defend our country and repeat 27th of Feb.

7. «Hopefully Our Media Will Remain The Same But Yours Definitely Needs Improvements» were one of his closing statements on India.

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