DG ISPR Trolls the Life Out of Gautam Gambhir on Twitter and People Are Going Crazy


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Yesterday, Shahid Afridi tweeted about Indian army’s brutality against the local Kashmiris. He uncovered the bitter truth, questioning the role of United Nations in this regard since every now and then, Kashmiris continue to face persecution led by India.

There have been millions of victims so far. No one has ever suggested a resounding solution to this problem and now we only have words to condemn the shambolic attacks on Kashmiris. Shahid Afridi expressed his sentiments and uncovered a hard truth that has enraged many people across the borders.

One of them includes Gautam Gambhir, a veteran player of India who has had involved in a couple of brawls with Afridi. He found deeming to comment and mock Afridi over his tweet.

Many people on Twitter went about trolling Gautam Gambhir over his ridiculous remarks. It’s been a hot topic on Twitter since last night, but what specifically caught our attention was one person, trolling Gambhir in full swing.

Here is our very own, DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor roasting Gautam Gambhir from his personal account!

Started with pretty powerful words on the whole matter and taking side with Shahid Afridi.


And then he summed up everything in the best way! How can we forget Afridi being a nightmare for India?

What a legend our DG ISPR is! Seriously, we cannot get over how casually he trolls Gautam Gambhir over his tweet.

How do you guys react to it? 😉

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