A Child Almost Got Kidnapped Outside Her School And Every Parent Needs To See This!


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The biggest blessing of Allah Almighty to any couple is a child, be it a son or a daughter. This blessing brings forth unprecedented happiness our lives and makes us feel warmth and affection like never before. A part of our own bodies, every child is dearest to their parents. But what if something happened to them?

An incident that went viral on social media showed what could happen to our children if proper care is not taken while they are dropped off at school. What if a little bit of carelessness on the part of us or the school separates our children from us forever?


A woman shared her husband’s experience when he saw a man trying to take away someone’s daughter in her school uniform. This is how his wife narrated it on social media:

«Witnessed a scary incident today… Wanted to bring to your notice for the safety of our kids. Today morning I dropped my husband to work in front of forum signal. My husband was crossing signal when he saw a guy carrying a girl, not very old, dressed in school uniform. The girl was crying and pulling guy’s hair.

My husband first assumed the kid might be cranky because she might not want to school. But she was constantly pulling the guy’s hair and level of the fight she was putting was unusual, also we’ve seen kids cry in front of the school and they do not persist the fight so strongly all the way. So he found it fishy and decided to talk to the guy, the guy was rude and just said she is crying because she wants to skip school today. My husband asked the girl, the girl just nodded her head in no, the guy said the girl is just upset and asked my husband not to bother him. But my husband insisted checking more with the guy, the guy looked scared.

Then my husband asked the color of kids pencil box.. then the guy might have realized this person has become strongly suspicious. That is when the guy dropped the girl and tried to run. My husband held the guy and called the traffic police… Soon 4 traffic policemen were there. They held the guy and asked the kid about the guy.

The girl said that her mom dropped her at the school gate, she was in a hurry, and this guy was at the school gate and offered her 2 chocolates. He offered to open 1 chocolate for her and while she was eating it he held her and started walking away from school. Imagine the guy abducting a girl in broad daylight and walking in most busy streets at 8:20 in morning! The kid’s mom works in EGL, she came and the girl identified her. I can imagine the state of shock for that mother, she was all in tears.


Please, guys, let’s take care we drop our kids inside the campus, or wait till they have gone inside, also insist the bus does the same.
And if you see something fishy around you, raise a voice. If you are wrong at max it might get you some embarrassment, BUT if you are right you might save a little kid’s life!!»

Incidents like these remind us of how scourge people around us are and that it wouldn’t take them a second to take our reasons to live away. If the man had not intercepted and questioned the kidnapper, nobody knows where the little girl would have been right now. Every parent needs to see this and share it with others to make sure they are always alert for their children.

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