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This 16th December, Here’s Why ‘Shuhada’ Of Army Public School Peshawar Deserve A Glowing Tribute

Whenever 16 December comes, it brings back some of the worst memories of the one of the most tragic incidents in the history of Pakistan that shook every Pakistani. It…

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This Girl Has A Perfect Idea To Celebrate 14th August And Wants Every Pakistani To Know About It

Every year on 14 August, we used to celebrate Independence Day with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm because, after a long struggle of our father of the nation and…

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – Imran Khan Needs To Fulfill His Promises That He Made

It is true that huge achievements bring great responsibilities. As we all know, on 25 July, people had voted for Imran Khan as they believed that he will bring a positive…

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