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India’s Fastest Train ‘Vande Bharat Express’ Breaks Down One Day After Launching And All Of India Is Embarrassed!

Everyone likes fast-moving trains but do you really have what it takes to move a lightning fast train? Apparently, India does not. India's fastest moving train "Vande Bharat Express", formerly…

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Police In Quetta Lodged A Case Against A 2.5 Year-Old Boy Par Bachay Tou Ghair Siyasi Hote Hain!

Every day, this country comes up with incidents that shock you, surprise you, sadden you and make you question humanity. Today is another day where you will come across one…

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Iqrar Ul Hassan Rescued A Mother And Her Three Daughters Who Were Abducted By A ‘Royal Sheikh’ And He’s Indeed A Hero!

It is not an unknown fact that Iqrar-ul-Hasan's Sar-e-aam team has been uncovering a lot of crimes and incidents that can shake you to the core. Keeping up with their…

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This Pakistani Advocate Just Exposed Sidra Riaz Who Was Begging For Her Life And The Details Are Shocking!

Recently, there was a video of a girl named Sidra Riaz, that came out and took the internet by storm where she was begging for her life after being forced…

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MMA Fighter Ahmed Mujtaba Needs Our Support As Pakistan And India Go To War In Singapore!

Pakistan vs India rivalry is undoubtedly the greatest when it comes to sports or any form of competition. The hype the feels and the emotions are skyrocketing and both opponents…

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A PTI Minister Just Labeled Hot Water Geysers A “Luxury” And Pakistanis Don’t Know If They Should Laugh Or Cry!

Naya Pakistan has been full of surprises so far and every day there has been something absolutely interesting coming up. Some things have been so unexpected that none of us…

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Sidra Riaz Is Begging For Her Life After The ‘Forced Zinah’ By A Lawyer And Being Threatened By His Professor Uncle!

Every day we see incidents that make us question humanity and it is not even surprising to us anymore because these things happen so often and will keep happening unless…

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