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This Pakistani Guy Just Exposed The Real Faces Of The Guards At Safari Park Lahore And Ye Kia Badmaashi Hai?!

On 21st December 2018, I went to the Safari Park Lahore around 4:45 pm with a friend. I asked the ticket guy about the closing time of the park and he…

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Here’s How It Feels Like To Be An «Ahmadi» In Pakistan

There are questions lurking around, asking for dues, to make amends. There are answers hidden beneath the coffin of despair, apologizing but I still don't know where should I start.…

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This Student From Bahria University Explains How Their New Discriminatory Policy Is Making Life Hell For Male Students

Welcome to Bahria University Islamabad. Last time when I wrote my opinion about the 6 inch matter, I was called by every teacher of the department and was scolded in…

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“Secret Things” That Happen At Private Political Gatherings You Have No Clue About

Being a political atheist, it's tough to survive in a country like Pakistan. Especially when nincompoops around you (who you call friends) belong to politically active families. So, yeah, my…

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This Medical College in Peshawar Allegedly Threatened Students to Face Consequences for an Unfair Reason

Ever heard of an institution where your vice dean explicitly tells you that you cannot present your personal research in a conference or you have to “face the consequences”? Well,…

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Are you Paying for Education or Crimes that take Place in Schools?

'THE HAPPY PALACE GRAMMAR SCHOOL' - one of the best school with more than 15 campuses. Today, I am going to disclose the bitter truth about how these campuses educate…

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Pakistani University Bans Female Students From Dressing Up Provocatively

Imagine you’re sitting in the library and studying with your classmates. Now imagine a teacher coming up to you and fine you for what you are wearing. Well, this is…

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