Shahid Afridi Reveals His Struggle, How He Changed His Father’s Views Of Cricket And It Is So Inspiring!


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Shahid Afridi is a name that is not unknown to anyone who has any knowledge about the sport of cricket. Shahid Afridi is arguably one of the biggest stars for not only for our country Pakistan but the cricketing world as well. There can be no other Afridi and there is no doubt about that.

The prince of Sharjah has come a long way with a very happening career that lasted over 2 decades. Shahid Afridi is one of a kind and he has just shared his journey through a Twitter video and it definitely is going to make you very emotional.

Lala talks about his first-star performance and the reaction of his father.

If you are born in a brown desi family, there is no doubt about the fact that your future has already been decided in most cases. And either you are becoming a doctor or an engineer and there is no other option. Brown dads take a little while in realizing that their child may have other talents and potential of being something else other than a doctor or an engineer.

And Shahid Afridi’s dad was no different. Afridi tells us how he had to go through beatings and scolding for his love for cricket. But Lala never backed down! He kept pursuing his passion and in U-16 he gave his first-star performance and made his father proud.

It was then when Afridi made his mark in cricket and made his father realize that this is what he is good at. He made his father proud and made him happy and got his support. So thank you Papa Afridi for letting Lala play cricket and giving the world a star in the form of Boom Boom Afridi.

It is never too late to chase your dreams.

Every man in history that has made his name and proven his worth in front of the world has gone through some sort of struggle. Stars are not born, they are made. Shahid Afridi is one of them. Shahid Afridi’s message through this video is to all the youngsters who are on their journey to pursue their passion, to not give up or lose hope.

Let it be any field, sports, entertainment or education, if you are focused and determined enough you can get what you want.

Shahid Afridi’s journey to what he is today, a legend, a star is absolutely inspiring. Seeing your parents feel proud of you is the most satisfying feeling in the world and Lala did that. And it was through the blessing of his parents he became what he wanted to.

In the same way, so can you. Desi parents may seem a little stiff and stubborn but if you really want to do something and you’re good at it? There is no way they or anyone for that matter can stop you.

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