Wing Commander Abhinandan Returns To His Squad As A ‘Hero’ And Pakistanis Are Having A Good Laugh!


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Wing Commander Abhinandan is making headlines yet again and for reasons that will make you laugh. Let’s rewind, on 27th February, Indian jets violated Pakistan’s airspace and our brave and skilled airforce pilots downed two Indian jets and captured one Indian pilot, who was none other than Abhinandan sb. He was being thrashed by the locals when Pakistan army intervened in time to save him from the ‘chittars’ that must’ve left him in a bad condition.

So far, being taken down and captured isn’t anything dignified nor is something to be proud of. But Indian media, journalists and their awaam was praising him as a national hero. We laughed then and we laugh now.

A new viral video is making rounds on the internet where Abhinandan reunites with colleagues, cheered and welcomed

Nothing new here, Indians are delusional as ever.

‘These pictures are not for you, but for your families’, says Abhinandan

Wing commander is seen requesting everyone not to take any more pictures with him, like a celebrity and to our surprise, the men are quite adamant on taking a selfie with him. Midst picture session, the crowd starts chanting pro-Indian slogans including ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and others. Abhinandan declares that these pictures are not for them but for their families that he couldn’t meet personally and showed his gratitude towards them who prayed for his recovery. Also mentioned to wish them «all the best» upon showing them his picture.


Source: Tenor

‘Brothers in air force motivated by his mere presence.’ HAHAHAHAHA. Wait, HAHAHAHAHA.

‘The man who chased out Pakistani fighter jets’ WHAT? WHEN? A DREAM PERHAPS?

This is getting out of hand. I am in awe of their level of delusion. Whatever rocks their boat of self-importance.

Clearly, they have forgotten and this tweet seems like a nice reminder.

India couldn’t even provide evidence of downing our F16 are somehow using that to make themselves look like victors but I am sure, deep down inside, they are just bitter and miserable over this humiliating defeat. Not to mention their low blow at the border when we handed Abhinandan over to India. Our treatment of respect wasn’t reciprocated, in fact, they opened fire at the border. This is your real face India, and we feel sorry for you.

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