A Campaign Backing The Rock for President has officially been filed In the US


A Campaign Backing The Rock for President has officially been filed In the US


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Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson is a name everyone is familiar with. He is one of those famous celebrities who have not only made a place in our childhoods but continues doing so as we grow up as well.

The famous wrestler-turned-actor seems pretty serious about running for the presidency. Is he serious? The Fast and the Furious actor had shared this idea in May in an interview with GQ, and said, «of course» he’d consider running for president in the next elections. He also told Jimmy Fallon after a few weeks later that the whole idea intrigued him and that this isn’t a bad idea after all. However, he also stated that three and a half years is a long way to go.

Just today, The Rock registered himself to run for the electoral commission.

When the Twitterati got to know about this, here’s how they reacted:

Oh, Fred, you’re hilarious!!

Can you smelllll what The Rock is cooking??!!

One President After Another?


The form is required in order to set up an election campaign for a political party and was filed by a West Virginia resident called Kenton Tilford. However, given how the actor has already said he is willing to run for the presidential elections, we can’t really tell what the truth is.

There are Going to be Loads of Jokes like these

Well, He Might be Going with the Flow on this One as well

Let’s see how this turns out. Given how the US already has an orange man as the president, pretty sure The Rock will be much cooler!

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