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Supreme Court of Pakistan Finally Reveals Nawaz Sharif ‘Ko Kyun Nikaala’

After the biggest decision the Supreme Court of Pakistan took since its inception, the country was left celebrating while the ruling party ended up flabbergasted. The Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan,…

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Panama-Leaks Lead Investigation Journalist ‘Politically’ Murdered By A Car Bomb

Panama-Leaks, the talk of the town for over a year, especially in Pakistan, made standout revelations about tax evasion and erosion of famous personalities all over the world. The document…

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Meet Nageen – Pakistani Artist Who Predicted The Results Of Panama In 2016

Nageen made this artwork in October when the political war was going on in Pakistan and America. The idea is briefly described in her artistic statement attached below. This work…

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Panama Verdict: Few Questions That Are Still Unanswered

The story has finally ended. Prime Minister has been disqualified based on exposure of a paid position where the respondent has declared of not receiving financial benefits from that position.…

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Here’s the Complete Recording of the Supreme Court’s Verdict on Nawaz Sharif

Supreme Court of Pakistan just passed their verdict on the whole Panama leaks case. Nawaz Sharif's disqualification became national news today. Celebrations all across the country sprung after the allegations…

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Gone Nawaz Gone – The Verdict was Smooth and Non-Controversial

Panama Case - The most talked about thing in Pakistan’s politics and the general public for the last one and a half years. The case which made most of the…

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Mir Shakil ur Rehman Threatens Supreme Court Judge After His Hearing

The Panama leaks fiasco continues to take dramatic turns. The Sharifs are held responsible for the alleged crimes they committed and every evidence against their case has piled up, verging towards…

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Chaudhry Nisar Raises Concern Over The Panama Case, Asks For A Miracle

The final verdict of the Panama Case in the Supreme Court can very well be announced in the coming morning of Monday, and the situation is looking extremely downhill for…

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