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PM Imran Khan Is Building A Multi-Million Dollar Oxford-Style Knowledge City And Guys, This Is Tabdeeli!

Imran Khan's struggles are praised almost everywhere after his glorious victory of becoming the PM of Pakistan. Imran Khan has worked for the betterment of the country in many possible…

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Doctor Who Promised To Leave America For ‘Naya Pakistan’ Is Missing And People Are Furious!

After winning General Election 2018, Prime Minister Imran Khan shared his vision of 'Naya Pakistan' in 75 minutes long maiden speech. His speech focused on establishing a welfare state like…

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’ Is A Success And This Case Proves It!

The catalyst of change in Pakistan, Imran Khan, the incumbent Prime Minister, has finally gripped the government and hearts of the people of the country. The cricketer turn politician vows…

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Here’s Something About Naya Pakistan That Every Pakistan Should Think About

The ‘Naya Pakistan” slogan is something everybody has been hearing and it’s been a while Pakistan saw any change until the removal of PM Nawaz Sharif. That day brought hope…

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Here’s What We Can All Do To Make A ‘Naya Pakistan’

Imran Khan’s tsunami, the roaring waves of tabdeeli, has finally struck the shores of Pakistan. The entire country stands to wait, with bated breaths, as Khan grabs the reins of the…

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