Imran Khan’s Photoshopped Picture As Hindu ‘Lord Shiva’ Is Causing Mass Controversy In India And Pakistan!


Memes, the trend that has taken over the internet, all over the world, are rejoiced and both cringed at by many. The art of morphing pictures, i.e photoshopping, as celebrated many, while others have been showed down on controversies that have emerged because of it.

Once such morphed/photoshopped picture became subject of a huge controversy, that took both India and Pakistan in its fold. Religion, as they say, is personal, and should not be joked about.


It is one of the most important teachings of Islam to not mock others’ religion, just to make a few people laugh. One Facebook page that was in support of the ousted Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, called “We Love Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif And PML(N)” went too far, when it posted a photoshopped picture of Imran Khan cross-playing as the Hindu ‘Lord Shiva’.

The picture, which looks very real, as something out of a mythical Indian drama, stirred a huge storm between Indians and Pakistanis, Hindus and Muslims on its sensitive nature. The caption on the picture, too, was very offensive, which stated: “Youthiyon ka na deen hai na emaan hai, in ka sirf Imran Bhagwan hai” – which literally means that Imran Khan’s followers follow him blindly, like following an Indian God. Repulsive!

Ever since the picture went viral, people on social media have denounced it, with many Hindu Pakistanis also rising to the occasion and speaking against it. This is what people had to say regarding the photoshopped picture.

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