Final Year Engineer Student Takes His Own Life Due to Alleged Bullying by NFC Institute of Engineering


We celebrate Mental Health Awareness weeks and days, but do we really implement them in our daily lives?

This Is Saifullah Jamali, Former Final Student Year Chemical Department at NFC Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research

According to the university, Saifullah committed suicide on 4th October, 2018. The news has not reached mainstream media yet, primarily because of the involved history behind his death.

The Official Updates Page Made the Following Post

According to students and friends of deceased, Saifullah was bullied by the administration of NFC IE & FR. According to Saifullah’s cousin Noor Ahmed Jamali, he was bullied by a teacher who always failed him in a course:

Saifullah Jamali my cousin/Brother/Friend committed suicide due to a teacher, who often repeatedly disrespected him and repeatedly failed him. 

In Addition to this, Sources Also Claim that Saifullah Committed Suicide Because he Had Low CGPA and he Was Expelled Because of this

This Is the Suicide Note Saifullah Left Before Ending his Life

People Are Urging the Media to Give Coverage to this As They Claim the Administration Responsible

Saifullah Requested the Authorities, in his Suicide Note, Not to Investigate Anything as Taking this Step Was Entirely his Decision

However Saifullah may have requested, it definitely calls for investigation. If the university was at fault, there could be someone else making the same decision tomorrow as well.

Rest in peace, Saifullah. Hope you find closure.

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