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A 22-Year-Old Girl Went For Sehri In Rawalpindi But Ended Up Getting Raped By Policemen On Gunpoint!

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A Woman From Attock Was Physically Harassed By Her Husband And Father-in-Law For 4 Years And This Is Sickening!

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A Transgender From Sialkot Attempted Suicide After She Was Betrayed By Her Social Media Lover And This Is Just Sad!

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Qamar Zaman’s Shocking Reaction To His Son’s Tragic Accident News Has Left Us All Heartbroken!

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Another Pakistani Girl Loses Her Life After Marrying A Chinese Trafficker And This Is Getting Out Of Hand!

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Meet Tahir Khan Malik – The First Police Constable From KPK Who Completed His Ph.D In Bioinformatics!

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