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Imran Khan’s Emotional Request To Prince Mohd Bin Salman For Hajjis And Labourers In KSA Is The Energy We Need!

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This Pakistani Watchmaker Has Almost Rs. 4 Billion In His Account And People Believe Asif Zardari Is Behind It!

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An 8-Month Pregnant Woman In Lahore Was Hanged By Her Husband Because She Was Expecting A Girl And Ya Allah!

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Another MBBS Student, Yousaf Pirkani From Quetta Ended His Own Life And This Is Just Terrible!

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Donald Trump Just Made A Fool Out Of Himself By Calling Nepal ‘Nipple’ And Twitter Can’t Handle It!

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This Leaked Screenshot Of Maryam Nawaz’s Conversation With Journalists Over Nawaz Sharif’s Health Is Going Viral!

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Viral Video Of Teacher Smacking A Little Girl With ‘Steel Scale’ Proves Why Tuition Centres Are Bad For Children!

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PM Imran Khan Starts ‘Sehat Insaf Cards’ Program Which Will Benefit 15 Million Pakistani Families!

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PM Imran Khan Called On Viral ‘Snow Polio Worker’ And He Is Legit Winning Every Pakistani’s Heart!

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