PML-N Supporters Think Bushra Maneka’s Ex-Husband Tagged Along With Her For Umrah And This Is Too Much!

Prime minister Imran Khan is on a visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the first lady. And some patwaris believe the first lady’s ex-husband tagged along.

Did Khawar Maneka really accompany the first couple to Saudi Arabia? As absurd as it may sound. Some people actually believed it and they took to the internet to prove their point, without confirming the news. All kinds of below the belt comments were made in “Good Humor”.

The fact that the month of Ramazan is going on and that Allah has prohibited spreading false news has no effect on the controversy lovers.

So, who’s the guy in the picture?

The bearded man walking behind the prime minister is Sheryar Akbar, the Consul General of Pakistan in Jeddah. And the patwaris mistook him for Khawar Maneka, the ex-husband of the first lady. Frankly, if you see, the clear picture of the two guys don’t even look alike.

Here’s a comparison

S ourse:,

And he accompanied the former Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif too, when they visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

But not many people confirmed the news, before enjoying the masala:

And the absurdity continued…

Without any confirmation, just based on a slight similarity between the Consul General Sheryar Akbar and Khawar Maneka, and everyone had something to say.

Even a senior journalist Mubashir Zaidi responded on a “lighter note” to the drama

And when he was asked if the news is true, he responded within affirmative,

He later clarified that it was a comment made in light humor. It is evident by the statement that he believes it’s okay to make such jokes on a social media platform. Ethically, our nation is going downhill. Be it discussing some one’s personal life or making dirty jokes, everything is done shamelessly.

And somebody did point that out,

And this guy who lectured Mubashir Zaidi on ethics

Some clarified the news

And this guy who was deeply hurt and resorted to Bad-duas,

To Wrap it up,

Your words are the true reflection of your personality. So, even if you are dealing with an enemy do yourself a favor and play fair. Spreading false news and making suggestive, dirty, below the belt comments is unethical and an Islamic too.