An AKU Student Has Allegedly Been Filming Female Students In The Bathroom For Years And It Is Disturbing!


An AKU Student Has Allegedly Been Filming Female Students In The Bathroom For Years And It Is Disturbing!


Where we are living in the era of hashtags, any critical area of discussion can become the focus of the day. A human mind functions in a way that anything relating to one’s emotional self is considered of high importance. No matter what the gender role the audience is playing, if the information triggers or targets the right cell, it takes the lead.

The only profession which comes under the highest level of responsibility is being a doctor and Pakistan is considered to be producing the best ones in the whole wide world. Ironically, the treatment provided by the doctors here to the nationals is not up to the general standards. From recording protest for an increase in their salaries to death by negligence, our doctors have rushed it all.

Agha Khan University, Hospital generally known as AKU works well in the list of renowned hospitals of Pakistan. Students from all over the country apply to get enrolled in the institute and create a future for themselves. The ones who get admitted in the institute consider themselves lucky while the others are left with adjustment.

As the institute has a long list of students coming from different households and locations, dorm rooms are offered to the students who wish to stay there. Separation of male and female hostels is made compulsory so that, no type of mischief occurs within the campus. Still, some messed up minds pull off the worst of their strings and show everyone their true personality trait.

Consent is important!

After the hashtag #MeToo took an uproar on various social platforms, cases related to harassment and sexual integrity have filled the media. According to sources,  a former male student of the well-known health care unit, Agha Khan University, Hospital has been allegedly caught with true evidence of recording female students in the shower and the in the bathroom without their consent.

Upon inquiring more, his phone was caught with similar videos of female students from the year 2015 as well. His phone even had videos of hostel rooms and homes where he had been a guest for some purpose. It is believed that the student has been filming these videos since last 3 years and was subjected to blackmail some females.

Pakistanis Are Super Angry!



It truly is!

Reports are that the AKU faculty has motivated other female students to speak up against sexual harassment in any case that intrudes their comfort zone. The Dean of the university is yet to make any statement regarding the case. The case makes it quite clear that even a good education and well off family background cannot change a sick mentality.

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